Aligning Process, People, and Technology to Facilitate the Speed of Change
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Defining Technology

Technology at its best introduces speed, accuracy, consistency to the workplace, and enables us to do work that would otherwise be time– or cost-prohibitive. Effective technology aligns with process and people capabilities— and so, requires the committed partnering of business and technical resources. We can assist with collaborative definition, development and deployment of supporting technology. Sample capabilities include: defining technology roadmap, assessing gaps, defining Requirements, conducting work-in-progress reviews, developingCommunication, Test and Implementation Plans plus assessing readiness.

Feeling the pressure?

Experiencing unrealistic implementation deadlines? Fielding endless change requests? Rework? Planning and executing technology change is challenging in any environment – and pressures of cost and delivery timing can be unbearable. We can help clarify technology definition and promote engagement, smoothing and accelerating the path to implementation.

Conducting a Major Conversion?

Whatever the technology, data, or architecture, we can help your team set scope, assess gaps, and establish a plan to support successful conversions and migrations.

Thinking through Test or Implementation Plans?

Testing isn’t glamourous. In many technology projects, it’s the testing that gets squeezed when under pressure to meet deadlines. Implementation plans can be short-changed or abandoned. We help teams set test plans, think through risk, set expectations, and establish implementation plans that work.

How do we get the Requirements Right?

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. Defining good requirements for technology solutions sets the endpoint – it clarifies “what” is required by the business. Scope and requirements provide the foundation for delivering excellent technology solutions. Our experienced staff can help you address this challenge, streamline your delivery process, and meet customer expectations.