Aligning Process, People, and Technology to Facilitate the Speed of Change
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Project Support Workshops

Throughout the project lifecycle—from project initiation through post-implementation stabilization–workshops bring the right people together to build high-quality project deliverables, accelerate the effort, reduce rework, and enable broad ownership of results.

Our experienced facilitators can help you throughout the project lifecycle, with workshops to define project scope, rules of engagement, and business and technology models, drive to key decisions, discover and manage issues and risks, and determine implementation approach and readiness. And you can rest easier throughout the project, ensuring all teams stay aligned and on-track with our work-in-progress reviews.

Our Project Support Workshops can accelerate and keep projects on-track. Our experienced facilitators can help you:

  • Clearly define scope and measures for project success
  • Define rules of engagement for the project team, including communication and escalation processes
  • Build business process and technology models with involvement of the right audience to ensure quality and joint ownership
  • Provide a guided forum for making key business decisions
  • Assessing risk, identifying issues, and defining resolutions
  • Assessing work-in-progress and enabling teams to stay on-track
  • Defining and assessing implementation readiness and adoption
Project Support Workshops Typical Outputs Description Delivery Considerations
Scope and Chartering Workshop
  • Project problem and purpose statement
  • Clearly defined Scope
  • Measurable targets for success
  • Assumptions, Dependencies,
  • Stakeholder and Team identification
  • High-level timeline
This workshop builds the foundation for the project effort. It includes clear definition of
purpose and scope, and identifies measures for success. Stakeholders and key team members are identified, along with overall project structure and approach, setting the stage for successful project launch.
  • Workshop is typically 1 to 2 days.
  • Requires participation of leaders / managers that encompasses the project scope.
  • Gathering participants face-to-face is recommended.
Rules of Engagement Workshop
  • Team roles
  • Engagement model
  • Communication and Escalation
  • Assumptions, Dependencies, Constraints
  • Project reporting and tracking approach
Rules of Engagement lay the foundation for how the team is going to work together. It takes the guess-work out of team engagement during the project.
  • Workshop is typically 1 to 1.5 days.
  • Requires participation of leaders / managers that encompasses the project scope.
  • Can be held virtually with appropriate web meeting and teleconference support.
Problem Definition and Root Cause Analysis
  • Defined problem and scope
  • Root cause(s) identified
  • Probability, Severity, visibility defined
  • High-level Action Plan for next steps
This workshop helps you isolate the symptoms from the problem, and explore root cause(s) to enable targeted solutions that make a difference.
  • Workshop is typically half-day to 1.5 days.
  • Requires participation of leaders / managers / experts that encompasses the problem scope.
  • Gathering participants face-to-face is preferred, but can be held virtually with appropriate web meeting and teleconference support.
Prioritization Workshop
  • Prioritized items
  • Plan for moving high-priority items forward
We are constantly faced with making decisions regarding what to do first, and how to get the right work done. Whether planning large-scale initiatives and change, prioritizing programs and projects, or managing project priorities, the Prioritization Workshop can help you establish decision criteria and set priorities with sound business rationale.
  • Workshop is typically half-day to 1 day.
  • Requires participation of leaders / managers that encompasses the decisioning scope.
  • Can be held virtually with appropriate web meeting and teleconference support.
Process, People and Technology Workshops


To define key project deliverables, including process design / improvement, technology
definition, risk assessment, team engagement, see those specific workshop offerings:

Process Improvement / Process Management Workshops

Technology Definition Workshops

Team Engagement Workshops


Implementation Approach
  • Implementation strategy / approach
  • Implementation plan foundations
  • Phasing / implementation timeline
  • Communication approach and plan foundations
  • Training considerations
  • Action Plan for completing Implementation Plan details and readiness requirements
This workshop enables the team to clearly think through implementation risks, approach,
readiness, and adoption. The workshop also enables the team to delineate approach and process for communicating progress, and information necessary to ensure implementation readiness and adoption.
  • Typically requires 1 to 2 days, depending
    on scope.
  • Requires participation of experts that encompasses the scope of change. May also include vendors, quality professionals, and others who add value to the implementation decisions.
  • Gathering participants face-to-face is recommended , and in some cases may be done virtually with appropriate web meeting and teleconference
Work-in-Progress Reviews
  • Validation of progress for the change effort
  • Everyone on same page with
    deliverables and tasks
  • Issues identified and assigned for
  • Next steps validated

Coordination of resources is easier in the front-end of project efforts, when the number of engaged resources are smaller. As the team grows in size during later project phases, it is increasingly difficult to keep everyone on the same page and aware of the inter-connectedness of deliverables.

Work-in-Progress Reviews bring key team members and stakeholders together to ensure that progress is visible, and people are on the same page regarding deliverables, timing, issues and next steps.

  • Typically 2-hours to half-day
  • Requires participation of key people who engage in the change effort or are critical stakeholders
  • Can deliver virtually with appropri
Implementation Readiness Workshop
  • Validated implementation plan
  • Validated adoption plan
  • 30-60-90 day stabilization and follow-up plan
  • Risks, mitigations and contingencies
  • Validated implementation and post-Implementation timeline
It’s not over until it’s up, running and stabilized. Too often, teams work to unreasonable implementation deadlines, without ensuring readiness for change. It’s also common for projects to declare victory then walk away from the change effort on day-1 of implementation. Post-implementation stabilization and adoption is critical for lasting and sustainable change. This workshop helps teams get it right—reaching the goal of change that brings sustainable results.
  • Scope determines the length of time needed (can be 1/2 to 2 days)
  • Requires participation of key leaders / managers that encompass the scope
  • Gathering participants face-to-face is recommended. Can deliver virtually with appropriate

All workshops are customized to fit your specific needs.
Contact us to discuss your challenge and situation, and we can design a work session to deliver the outcomes you require.

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