Aligning Process, People, and Technology to Facilitate the Speed of Change
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Professional Development

Earning a degree does not mean education is finished. Changes in the field, emerging challenges, and new opportunities increase the need for continuous development as a professional. Today’s competitive environment compels the professional toward continuous improvement in areas of expertise.


Customizable topics to give you the most relevant training for your organization Some of our most requested training topics include: Current course outlines available:
Facilitation: Profiles the effective facilitator, and provides foundational and advanced techniques for managing group dynamics and building deliverables effectively to meet business objectives

Change Leadership: Assesses leadership preferences, motivational styles, and organizational characteristics to enable development of effective change leadership behaviors

Business Analysis: Provides foundational and advanced training in scoping, process analysis and modeling, data analysis and modeling, requirements definition, and design techniques to support business process improvement, innovation, and information system development efforts

Communication: Provides the foundation for effectively interacting and influencing in the workplace

Team Building: Enables workgroups and teams to be more productive and servicefocused

  • Business process analysis and modeling techniques
  • Business data analysis and modeling techniques
  • Psychological type and its impact in the workplace
  • The motivational manager: language and behavior interaction in the workplace
  • Essential facilitation skills
  • Human dynamics of facilitation
  • Documenting and modeling skills for facilitators
  • Kick start your project: setting scope, determining deliverables, establishing the team
  • Influencing with integrity: effective communication in the workplace