Aligning Process, People, and Technology to Facilitate the Speed of Change
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Project 9•1•1

Change is going to happen whether you plan for it or not.  In some cases, change is anticipated well in advance.  In other cases, change is unexpected or mandated by changing business climate or regulatory requirments.  When your planning cycle is short, deadlines loom, projects derail, teams falter, or results don’t stack up to expectations, our “911 assisstance” is there to help.  Our experienced staff will help you navigate from where you are to where you want to be – customizing a path that provides both hands-on assistance and knowledge transfer.

Project 9•1•1

Is there a project that’s keeping you up at night?  Things not going as you expected?  Delayed outputs . . . scope creep . . . cost over-runs . . . no clear end in sight?  We’re here to listen, engage, and get your project moving forward.  Each program or project need is different, so our 911 services are customized for you, and can help you . .

  • Assess project health, issues and risks
  • Rethink and validate project charter and scope
  • Conduct targeted workshops to generate critical deliverables and assess progress
  • Create a communication strategy and plan
  • Develop team dynamics

Process 9•1•1

New business challenges?  Merger?  Acquisition?  Reorganization?  Slow in getting products/services to market?  Quality issues?  Rethinking your business processes can turnaround your work environment and productivity.  We can help you . . .

  • Create a process improvement roadmap
  • Assess processes to strategy, indentifying gaps
  • Internalize a culture of continuous improvement and alignment
  • Conduct workshops to rethink processes, establish process norms, define people engagement and identify supporting tools/technology
  • Assess process risk, define controls/metrics

Requirements 9•1•1

Delivering the right technology to support business products/services was challenging in 1965 . . . it still is.  If we’ve learned anything over the years about software development, it’s that establishing a clear, unambiguous understanding of “what” is required sets the foundation for successful technology delivery. Our experiences team can design workshops to . . .

  • Set clear scope
  • Define a clear, organized requirements
  • Establish traceability to business processes and desired product/service feates
  • Provides progress and readiness reviews throughout the lifecycle of development

Facilitation 9•1•1

Are you overwhelmed with meetings that are all talk and no action?  Do you find yourself attending meetings and not knowing why you’re there?  Are meetings convened and no stated purpose or defined agenda?  Stop the madness of meaningless meetings.  People need to meet together – to create ideas, make decisions, share information and get work done.  We can help you revitalize meetings and working sessions.

When is expert facilitation most beneficial?

  • When an experienced netrual 3rd-party can better address sensitive issues or hot topics
  • To enable critical decisioning and built out key deliverables on high-stakes/high-visibility efforts
  • To generate key project goals