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Team Engagement Workshops

Are your teams struggling with role clarity? Process clarity? Shifting or conflicting priorities? Burnout?

Our experienced facilitators can help you improve individual and team engagement with workshops that bring all parties to the table, define common ground, clarify work processes, roles and expectations, establish priorities, and define rules of engagement for dialogue, issues resolution, and escalation.

Our Team Engagement Workshops can help you:

  • Improve individual and team engagement
  • Define rules of engagement for the project team, including communication and escalation processes
  • Improve role clarity, establish work priorities, and clarify work processes
  • Build cross-team commitment and productivity
  • Assessing work-in-progress and enabling teams to stay on-track
Team Engagement Workshops Typical Outputs Description Delivery Considerations
Rules of Engagement Workshop
  • Team roles
  • Engagement model
  • Communication and Escalation
  • Assumptions, Dependencies,
  • Project reporting and tracking approach
Rules of Engagement lay the foundation for how the team is going to work together. It takes the guess-work out of team engagement during the project.
  • Workshop is typically 1 to 1.5 days.
  • Requires participation of leaders / managers that encompasses the
    project scope.
  • Gathering participants face-to-face is preferred, but can be held virtually with appropriate web meeting and teleconference support.
Team Engagement Improvement
  • Team / cross-team roles
  • Engagement model
  • Communication and Escalation
  • Assumptions, Dependencies,
  • Work challenges prioritized, and
    opportunities for improvement
  • Action plan and timeline for improvement implementation
  • Agreement on monitoring progress
The Team Engagement Improvement Workshop identifies and prioritizes team and cross-team challenges, and defines a plan for implementing improvements. Teams commit to roles, work processes, and approach for monitoring progress.
  • Workshop is typically 1 to 2 days.
  • Requires participation of leaders / managers that encompasses the
    scope of included teams.
  • Gathering participants face-to-face is recommended.
Intentional Communication
  • Communication and interaction
    preferences validated for individuals and team(s)
  • Techniques for effective communication and workplace interactions
  • Individual and team work plans for improvement
  • Agreement on monitoring progress
Despite good intentions, individuals and teams often have difficulty engaging productively. This workshop helps people identify their own preferences for taking in information, making decisions, and engaging with others. Techniques for effective engagement are explored, and the individuals / teams set their own course for improvement.
  • Typically 2 days.
  • This workshop can benefit participants from any level in the organization.
  • Face-to-face participation is recommended.
Work-in-Progress Reviews
  • Validation of progress for the change effort
  • Everyone on same page with deliverables and tasks
  • Issues identified and assigned for resolution
  • Next steps validated

Coordination of resources is easier in the front-end of project efforts, when the number of engaged resources are smaller. As the team grows in size during later project phases, it is increasingly difficult to keep everyone on the same page and aware of the inter-connectedness of deliverables.

Work-in-Progress Reviews bring key team members and stakeholders together to ensure that progress is visible, and people are on the same page regarding deliverables, timing, issues and next steps.

  • Typically 2-hours to half-day
  • Requires participation of key people who engage in the change effort or are critical stakeholders
  • Can deliver virtually with appropri

All workshops are customized to fit your specific needs.
Contact us to discuss your challenge and situation, and we can design a work session to deliver the outcomes you require.

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