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Useful Templates & Documents

The table below provides some templates and documents that we have found useful. Download and modify to fit your needs.

Name of Document / Template Description
Brainstorming Template A table to capture and rank the output of a Brainstorming activity.
Checklist – Can the PM be the Facilitator? A handy checklist to determine if the Project Manager is the right person to facilitate the workshop.
Flipchart Prep List A list of flipchart pages to consider having prepared in advance of every meeting.
Force-Field Analysis Template A template to analyze 2 opposing forces of a problem or potential solution.
Foundations of Intentional Communication Provides insight into core principles for effective communication.
Nine–Block Decisioning Template A PowerPoint diagram that allows comparison of each item to be prioritized to two distinct decision criteria, helping the team to overcome personal biases and preferences and look at the contribution of the items in a more objective manner.
Planning Questions for Meeting Preparation Helpful questions for thinking through meeting preparation
Process Principles and Continuous Improvement Useful guide for foundational principles of good process design and a culture of continuous improvement.
Questioning Patterns Suggested language / questioning patterns for guiding meetings and workshops
Requirements Table Templates Suggested templates for business Requirements capture
Room Layout Options Diagrams to depict how the tables, chairs and equipment should be set up in the room.
Workshop Equipment & Supplies Checklist A checklist of the supplies and equipment needed for a Work Session.
Workshop Invitation A template you can alter and use to invite participants to the upcoming work session.
Workshop Model Components A useful reference document of the 3 workshop components and key activities
Workshop Questioning Techniques Helpful questions for eliciting and clarifying information, and for promoting decision-making
Workshop Roles & Responsibilities Checklist A checklist to identify who is responsible for each meeting planning task.
Workshops At-a-Glance Shows business needs and the workshops that can be most helpful, as well as a comprehensive list of workshops introduced on this website.