Aligning Process, People, and Technology to Facilitate the Speed of Change
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Our Services

Facilitated Workshops

hp-s1-facworkshopsGetting the right people involved in right setting dramatically improves effectiveness and efficiencies to deliver tangible results. Facilitated workshops brings participation from resources across the organization—from finance to customer support, development to marketing. In addition to accelerating projects, benefits of facilitating project participants include: ownership of results, improved quality, improved working relationships, shared decision-making yielding informed decisions and support. One size does not fit all. We custom design each workshop to meet the specific needs of your unique environment.

Project 9.1.1

hp-s2-project911Change is going to happen whether you plan for it or not. In some cases, change is anticipated well in advance. In other cases, change is unexpected or mandated by changing business climate or regulatory requirments. When your planning cycle is short, deadlines loom, projects derail, teams falter, or results don’t stack up to expectations, our “911 assisstance” is there to help. Our experienced staff will help you navigate from where you are to where you want to be – customizing a path that provides both hands-on assistance and knowledge transfer.


hp-s3-assessEver wonder if the right people are doing the right work—with the right tools at the right time—all to obtain the desired results? Do you worry whether the environment is ready for a new venture? At times, it seems near impossible to get unbiased information from within the organization. It takes very little to knock a project out of alignment. Our experienced team offers a wide range of diagnostics and assessments to analyze your current situation and give expert recommendations on how to address any challenges or issues.

Training / Apprenticing

hp-s4-trainingResource Advantage, Inc. is committed to helping companies become learning organizations. Every service we perform has an element of knowledge transfer. Additionally, we offer training and apprenticing to develop skills and competencies to help work places thrive. The FACT program creates a community of practice to learn the art of facilitation. Our team also custom builds training programs for the further development of process, people, and technology sectors.


hp-s5-coachingCoaching is a collaborative effort to achieve desired outcomes by developing potential, build-ing competencies, and aligning personal commitments through a series of self-defined goals and field work assignments. Coaching does not prescribe a set of pre-packaged set of solu-tions. Each situation, setting, and personal history is unique. The coach works with each client to discover and clarify objectives, solutions and strategies in a climate of resourceful accountability.