Aligning Process, People, and Technology to Facilitate the Speed of Change
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Facilitated Workshops

Getting the right people involved in right setting dramatically improves effectiveness and efficiencies to deliver tangible results. Facilitated workshops brings participation from resources across the organization—from finance to customer support, development to marketing. In addition to accelerating projects, benefits of facilitating project participants include: ownership of results, improved quality, improved working relationships, shared decision-making yielding informed decisions and support. One size does not fit all. We custom design each workshop to meet the specific needs of your unique environment.


Change Alignment Workshops

Change is hard, no matter what the scale. Whether large or small, being intentional about change—from start to finish—is critical to sustainability.

Our workshops can help you plan and execute change with intention, carefully aligning the change to strategic direction,, and ensuring that changes to process, people and technology align with each other and business strategy. Workshops will also help you assess and manage risk, plan and execute effective communications, reset incentives, and align behaviors to support new work environments.

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Project Support Workshops

Throughout the project lifecycle—from project initiation through postimplementation stabilization–workshops bring the right people together to build high-quality project deliverables, accelerate the effort, reduce rework, and enable broad ownership of results.

Our experienced facilitators can help you throughout the project lifecycle, with workshops to define project scope, rules of engagement, and business and technology models, drive to key decisions, discover and manage issues and risks, and determine implementation approach and readiness. And you can rest easier throughout the project, ensuring all teams stay aligned and ontrack with our work-inprogress reviews.

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Process Improvement / Process Management Workshops

Processes get work done.

Our Process workshops can help you layout strategic process direction, plan and assess process performance, improve current processes, design new processes, ensuring process alignment to people and technology enablers, and set the stage for maintaining alignment with continuous process monitoring and improvement.

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Team Engagement Workshops

Are your teams struggling with role clarity? Process clarity? Shifting or conflicting priorities? Burnout?

Our experienced facilitators can help you improve individual and team engagement with workshops that bring all parties to the table, define common ground, clarify work processes, roles and expectations, establish priorities, and define rules of engagement for dialogue, issues resolution, and escalation.

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Technology Definition Workshops

Technology is at its best when rightly aligned to business process and the people who execute those processes.

Our workshops help bridge the gap between business and technology, and bring cross-functional teams together to clearly define scope, business requirements, and user experience, which yields common understanding and accelerates the delivery cycle. Workshops improve readiness for testing and implementation activities, reducing rework and enabling smoother implementations.

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