Aligning Process, People, and Technology to Facilitate the Speed of Change
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Team Bios

JANET A. MEANS, MS, CPF Jan_Means_Photo(2)Ms. Means is experienced as a senior certified facilitator, communications trainer, business process designer, and information systems manager and developer over a 30 year career in a variety of industries including manufacturing, direct mail, banking and financial services, utilities, healthcare, as well as federal government agencies. Special expertise focuses on facilitation of worksessions which bring appropriate representatives (e.g., business leaders, information systems and quality professionals, as well as customers and suppliers) together to improve business performance — by defining effective strategies and corresponding project initiatives, redesigning business processes and data, defining appropriate metrics to support business decisioning and monitoring, and aligning them to the organizations and information technology necessary to ensure peak productivity. Ms. Means has extensive experience in the practical application of business process and data analysis and re-design, advanced communication, team building and information system development methods and techniques, including quality and change methodologies such as Six Sigma. Techniques utilized are preferably practiced in facilitated group worksessions, and are primarily model-based — yielding clear and unambiguous deliverables for business strategy, project scope, processes, data, organization roles and responsibilities, and related technology requirements. She takes a “hands-on” approach, mentoring and transferring knowledge so that productive techniques and work patterns may be internalized by the client’s business professionals. Ms. Means is an accomplished facilitator and modeler, performing facilitated worksessions across organizational levels as appropriate to project needs – from senior executives to front-line workers. She is a Certified Professional Facilitator, and a certified user of several psychological instruments. Ms. Means also works with organizations to help them understand the impact of employee preferences, behavior, and learned skills on communication and productivity.


Education and Professional Involvement Ms. Means holds a Masters degree in Industrial Administration from Union College, a B.A. in Mathematics from Houghton College, and is working on a graduate program in psychology. She is a certified practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), the Majors PTITM, the Majors PT-ETM, is a Certified Professional Facilitator with the International Association of Facilitators, and a certified NLP Practitioner. For 14 of her 30 years of professional experience, Ms. Means worked in companies in a variety of industries, followed by consulting experience with an international consulting firm. Ms. Means is founder of Resource Advantage, Inc., a certified woman-owned business by the WBENC, and has consulted and delivered training programs throughout the United States, Western Europe, and the Pacific Rim. Ms. Means is a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the American Society for Quality (ASQ). She has authored articles on Business Process Reengineering and Facilitating Process Design, and has presented at conferences within the US and South America, the most recent including ASQ’s Six Sigma conference, PMI’s Global Congress, and the International Association of Facilitators conference. She has also authored several articles regarding the impact of Psychological Type and productivity in the workplace. Ms. Means is co-author of the book: Facilitating the Project Lifecycle: Skills & Tools to Accelerate Progress for Project Managers, Facilitators and Six Sigma Project Teams – published by Jossey-Bass (a division of John Wiley &Sons) in July 2005. She has also co-authored the book The Project Meeting Facilitator, published by Jossey-Bass in September 2007.

TAMMY ADAMS SPANN, CPF, CQM Ms. Spann is an accomplished process facilitator, quality manager, and project coach. She has worked with organizations across the globe to help them improve their business processes, redefine their approach to project management, and have more effective meetings overall. As an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator, she guides your team through the steps needed to transform their knowledge and experience into quality deliverables that achieve your desired goals. This team-based, interactive approach enables her to quickly get results while building cross-organizational buy-in. Through extensive training and experience in process analysis, project management, quality methods, team dynamics and facilitation, Ms. Spann has developed a unique style that incorporates quality principles consistent with methodologies such as TQM, Six Sigma, CQI, and Lean. She is experienced in applying these techniques within a number of industries, including banking and financial services, utilities, manufacturing, and software development. In a previous career, Ms. Spann served as Operations Manager for Viasoft Inc., an international software company, where she focused on developing and implementing cross-organizational project management practices. She also served as a Project Manager for Bank of America where she facilitated intensive process redesign sessions and guided cross-functional teams in developing the necessary strategic plans, project plans, workflow improvements, business requirements, data requirements, and implementation strategies to fulfill their project goals. In addition, Ms. Spann has co-authored two books on the topic of facilitation – “Facilitating the Project Lifecycle: Skills & Tools to Accelerate Progress for Project Managers, Facilitators and Six Sigma Project Teams” and ”The Project Meeting Facilitator”, both published by Jossey Bass.

Education and Professional Involvement Ms. Spann holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, with a minor in Organizational Management, from the University of Phoenix. She is a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) with the International Association of Facilitators and a Certified Quality Manager (CQM) with the American Society for Quality. Ms. Spann is past Director of Communications for the International Association of Facilitators, a member of the Project Management Institute, and active with the Business Process Management Institute. She has consulted and trained throughout the United States, in Western Europe and the Pacific Rim. A frequent conference speaker, Ms. Spann has presented at ASQ’s Six Sigma Conference, ASQ’s Quality Management Conference, Brainstorm BPM Conference, Project World Canada, PMI’s Global Congress, and the International Association of Facilitators conference. In addition to her two books, Ms. Spann has authored several articles for the Cutter IT Journal of Technology & Management, The BPM Institute and The Facilitator Journal.

CELESTE HEWLETT, MBA Hewlett,_Celeste HeadshotMs. Hewlett is a proven senior leader in multi-national banking and financial services with deep end-to-end business and technology experience in the areas of: payments, internet delivery, treasury services, capital markets, credit (commercial, government and retail) and debit cards, delivering client-focused solutions. With over 25 years in financial services, her expertise focuses on enterprise-wide change management and spans product strategy, development and management, information technology, operations management, merger and acquisition integration, system conversions, and internet delivery platforms for retail, mobile and global banking. Her professional career began in financial services where she spent over 20 years in positions that spanned almost all areas of card operations management. She was the recipient of a number awards from Visa, U.S.A. in the area of cardholder dispute management. She participated in more than 8 banking mergers, leading diverse teams through enterprise-wise change. Her expertise extends to global treasury management transaction and information services channels: internet, workstation and host-to-host where these platforms generated $240MM in direct and $3.6B in attributed revenue to the firm, servicing global large corporate ($2B in annual sales) clients. In her current role, Ms. Hewlett focuses on using collaborative facilitation techniques to help clients define and manage large-scale change. Bringing together a firm’s business and technology experts, she uses cross-team work sessions to clearly define the change that will improve business performance. With the use of facilitative group work sessions, this collaborative approach can help clients determine strategy, set direction, establish program/project scope, elicit and define business requirements, design business processes, define testing strategies and implementation plans. Effective utilization of collaborative techniques enables broad ownership of work products, and improves quality and speed to implementation. Ms. Hewlett uses her years of expertise to mentor key individuals identified by an organization and to ensure the transfer of knowledge to key resources, in order to enable the business to internalize collaborative techniques, and become more self-sufficient in these areas.

Education and Professional Involvement Ms. Hewlett holds a Master of Business Administration from The College of William & Mary, and B.S. in Business Management from the University of Maryland. She has been certified by the Spanish Ministry for Education, Social Policy and Sport at the Advanced Level (B2) in Spanish and attended a summer semester at the University of Salamanca in Spain. She is a member of the International Association of Facilitators and received a certificate of study by the American Banking Association’s Graduate School of Bank Card Management.

Alison-BrinkmanALISON BRINKMAN Ms. Brinkman brings over 25 years of extensive experience working collaboratively at all levels within a variety of industries to assist with the design and delivery of business processes, IT services and solutions to meet evolving challenges. Ms. Brinkman has had extensive experience in facilitated group techniques, focusing on accomplishing business process improvement and innovation, scope and business requirements for large scale Information Technology projects, gap analysis, and project lifecycle work-in-progress reviews and implementation planning. Her industry experience includes healthcare, manufacturing, legal information services, and financial services, with extensive background in functional areas of order fulfillment, sales force automation, customer relationship management, corporate financial and accounting systems, and consumer banking / card systems and processes. Her experience extends to data analysis and metrics, to assist businesses in developing and understanding appropriate metrics to support business decisioning and monitoring. Ms. Brinkman has contributed in roles from programmer, business analyst, through senior management in software development, data center operations and solution delivery. This background enables her to “bridge the gap” between technology and the business teams, and provides the basis for utilizing facilitation skills to bring cross-functional teams together to enable business results – the goal is to deliver products and services faster, with higher quality while building joint ownership of outcomes and better working relationships. Business performance improves as processes, people and technology align. In the healthcare industry, Ms. Brinkman has a solid background in both the provider and payer perspectives through the use of data to identify variation, outcomes, and trends. She has proven expertise in data interpretation and explaining results, and engaging interactively with teams to identify opportunities for improvement. As an example, she is skilled at implementation for both new customer accounts and new projects for current clients, and has experience combining client data, industry data, and value-added metrics, and presenting actionable insights into financial, operational and clinical areas for improved performance. Ms. Brinkman’s years of experience in technology delivery in support of business objectives has enabled her to see the end-to-end change process. This viewpoint serves her clients well as she brings cross-functional teams together, enabling all voices and viewpoints to be heard and considered, and to drive to key business decisions that accomplish business objectives, deliver quality products and services in an accelerated time frame, with the supporting technology needed to stabilize the change.

Education and Professional Involvement Ms. Brinkman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Math/Computer Science / Management from Russell Sage College located in Troy, NY. She has recently completed a 6-month program to extend her practice in facilitation and collaborative techniques. She is working on certification with the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). She is also working on certification for use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, to create improved working relationships within her client organizations.

aChris-Garrison_9600BlueBackgroundSquareCHRIS GARRISON Mr. Garrison is an experienced facilitator, mediator, and developmental coach for organizations and individuals. With over 15 years of professional experience in communications and management for the not-for-profit sector, he has helped groups improve their core processes, programs, and team dynamics resulting in improved work environments and productivity. His skills in change management extend to helping program and project teams plan and implement key initiatives, stabilizing the resulting organization and processes. As a skilled facilitator, Mr. Garrison focuses on the use of collaborative work sessions to bring the key representatives and stakeholders together, forming a basis of shared vision and joint ownership, to define and manage business change – from strategy to delivery. Mr. Garrison has worked with a variety of groups, committees, and boards on the local, regional and national level—from religious organizations to professional associations in managing change. His disciplined approach fosters wide ownership and accountability—helping various levels of the organizational culture to pay heed to both the forest and the trees. In his current role, the utilization of collaborative techniques help determine business strategy, set direction, establish program/project scope, define business requirements, design business processes, define testing strategies and implementation plans. Effective utilization of collaborative techniques enables broad ownership of work products, and improves quality and speed to implementation.

Education and Professional Involvement Mr. Garrison holds a Masters degree in Divinity from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, and B.S. in Communications Studies from the University of Montana. He is a certified practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®). He has completed specialized training programs in coaching, mediation, and facilitation, and is currently in process for certification with the International Coaching Federation.

Michael-WolfeMICHAEL P. WOLFE Mr. Wolfe is an exceptionally skilled executive level resource focused in the areas of Logistics Operations and Manufacturing. As a consultant, employee and stakeholder, he has played a principal role in remaking struggling businesses – creating the culture and values that are the foundation for continual growth and development while setting strategic direction coordinated with clear accountability for the management and employee team. Working in organizations ranging in scale and nature from small privately owned operations to large multi-national enterprises and with individual owners, Private Equity and public corporations, he has applied classic process improvement methodologies such as Six Sigma and Lean closely linked to objectives and strategic plans developed around the interests of Ownership, Management, Customers and the full Employee team. His approach is consistently characterized by openness up and down the structure of stakeholders and built on values which can be shared by the full team.

He’s been successful at developing and promoting business development plans which have won strong support from State and Local economic development bodies and have resulted in significant investment by these entities coordinated with private investment. These have led to substantial job creation and to jobs specifically made available to disadvantaged parties and to Veterans.

Results have included:

  • Transformation of a northeastern manufacturing and distribution business with a tripling of sales shipped from the location; a near doubling of the employee base; substantial improvements in customer service and satisfaction; and restructuring of the logistics footprint and model allowing dramatic cost savings.
  • Successful development and promotion of an economic development proposal resulting in $1.4 million in state and local incentives for job retention and creation, followed by successful project implementation and the capture of those incentives.
  • Development of a greenfield start up Distribution Warehouse of 210,000 sq ft which supported the consolidation of multiple businesses and ultimately achieved company leading performance in shipping accuracy, total freight costs and employee productivity.
  • Transformational change in a specialty manufacturing and distribution business which supported dramatic sales growth and profitability improvements leading to the successful sale of the business.

Mr. Wolfe and the talents available through Resource Advantage can help your organization through

  • operations and team assessments
  • collaborative development of strategic and tactical plans
  • specifically focused process improvements
  • team development through coaching and training offerings
  • development of economic development proposals seeking both buy in and possible outside investment from public and private entities
  • development of the culture and values that will sustain these improvements
  • specific expertise and content knowledge in the areas of Manufacturing and Logistics
  • project management and interim management as needed during transformation change

Education and Professional Involvement Mr. Wolfe holds a BA from Hobart College and has done post-graduate work at the State University of New York at Albany. His career began in production and inventory control and progressed to senior management positions in manufacturing operations, marketing, logistics and distribution. As consultant or executive employee, Mr. Wolfe has facilitated the successful re-definition and implementation of business change in a variety of businesses in North America and Europe. Keywords: Values, Transformational change, Stakeholders, Manufacturing, Logistics, Distribution Operations, Leadership

NANCY HOPMANS, PMP Ms. Hopmans is a business-focused leader with over 25 years of experience delivering practical, innovative IT solutions. She combines strong analytical and technical skills with effective project and program management to implement successful change efforts. Her background includes functional analysis and technical discovery along with the delivery of business process improvements, system integrations and large project implementations. She brings a wealth of team leadership and practical experience in complex project execution. Ms. Hopmans has extensive experience in defining scope and business requirements with a focus on delivering real business value. She provides leadership in major business process improvement initiatives, yielding objective roadmap recommendations and proven practices based on each client’s unique environment and business situation. Her industry experience includes transportation, aerospace, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, with an extensive background in the functional areas of inventory, order fulfillment, finance, MRP, forecasting, procurement and logistics. Ms. Hopmans has held a wide range of roles from business and functional analyst through IT project portfolio manager. Her keen interest in the relationship between business processes and the supporting information technology led to her transition from technical roles to broader, more business-focused endeavors including process improvement initiatives and program management. This broad background enables her to contribute on both the business and technology fronts at all levels of the organization. Ms. Hopmans is an effective facilitator of cross-functional teams, providing the structure in which they can successfully deliver high quality solutions. As facilitator, her skill at creating an environment where everyone’s ideas are expressed and heard, results in outcomes that team members can fully own.

Education and Professional Involvement Ms. Hopmans completed her technical training at the IBM Learning Center in White Plains NY with a concentration in programming and system analysis. Since 2008, she holds a PMP certification from PMI and is an active member of PMI’s Charlotte, NC chapter. She is a member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and also holds certifications in Scrum and Six Sigma.

WES HOPMANS, PMP, CISM Mr. Hopmans is an outcome-focused senior leader with a proven performance background driving large-scale business and information technology change, and technology operations, for high-profile global employers. His 30 year career includes roles as IT Advisory consultant, Chief Information Officer, Program Manager, global Business Intelligence manager and Applications Manager delivering business value in IT management consulting, manufacturing, B2B and B2C eCommerce, and government contracting. Special expertise focuses on IT strategy and roadmap development, program management, change management, business process reengineering, M&A transition and integration, IT security and compliance, outsourcing, assessments, IT organization design and IT finance. He has demonstrated success with complex international business initiatives to achieve critical results for clients ranging from high-tech manufacturing and distribution to high-security banknote specialty papers and banknote security features to premium quality stationery products across multiple channels. Mr. Hopmans exhibits skill at conceptualizing and delivering operational productivity enhancements, performance improvement strategies, compliance requirements, and synergistic team building initiatives to meet business goals. He actively collaborates across organizational levels, from global corporate executives to front-line staff in both the Business and IT arenas. He is able to bring the right people together to analyze business needs, identify specific challenges and resolve key issues to deliver envisioned outcomes. It is his belief that successful delivery of any initiative requires a balance between executive ownership, team engagement, change management and project management. Through his varied experience, he has provided leadership for corporate compliance initiatives to obtain and maintain compliance with all applicable legal, regulatory, and customer-specific compliance requirements, including PCI, HIPAA, MA Privacy, FCPA, Safe Harbor, EU Privacy, U.S. Treasury Currency contract, and ECB, among others. In addition he has worked with financial advisors, sellers and buyers on M&A initiatives leading IT due diligence, transition services and integration initiatives.

Education and Professional Involvement Mr. Hopmans holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Rotterdam Business School and Information Science Certification from the EXIN Institute for Information Science in Amsterdam (both in the Netherlands). Mr. Hopmans is a graduate of the GE Leadership Development Program in Crotonville, NY and of the Gartner CIO Academy at the Said Business School at Oxford University in the UK. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with the Project Management Institute (PMI) and a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) with ISACA. Mr. Hopmans is a member of the PMI and the ISACA organizations. Mr. Hopmans started his career with Philips Lighting in the Netherlands in their Financial Management Program. Then he moved to IT Manufacturing Systems. He joined GE Plastics Europe where he was responsible for Sales & Marketing Systems for all European operations. In 1992 he transferred to the USA as Manager Global IT Integration tasked with the integration of GE Plastics IT systems in the US, Europe and Asia. Following several IT Strategy assignments with GE Plastics’ Asia Pacific operations he became the company’s Chief Information Architect with responsibility for Global Support Systems covering Business Intelligence, Finance, HR for all global operations. Mr. Hopmans then worked over 18 years as IT Director and CIO at Crane & Co., a private equity owned specialty papers manufacturer.

EMILY HOM, MBA Emily Hom brings over 25 years of diverse experience in the Health Care Industry. Ms. Hom’s professional health care career has included working collaboratively with payers, ACOS, Medical homes, provider networks, and analytical firms in both the commercial and government program sector. Senior expertise in analytics, technical and project management skills, combined with her in-depth understanding of the health care industry, allows her to quickly contribute to initiatives and collaborate effectively with team members, clients and stakeholders. Ms. Hom’s recent project experience has included providing subject matter expertise on population and episode risk adjustment systems, weight set development, benchmarking and evidence based medicine software as well as inpatient and outpatient payment systems. Additionally, she has worked as a project manager to integrate IT systems for a plan merger and is assisting Health Plans as a Project Manager with the development and roll out of the Integrated Dual Advantage Demonstration product offering. Her diverse project experience, analytical skills and industry knowledge allows her to bring cross-functional operational teams together to efficiently generate quality deliverables in an accelerated time-frame, while promoting joint cross-team ownership of these deliverables.

Education and Professional Involvement Ms Hom holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master’s in Business Administration from the State University at Albany. Specific knowledge base also exists for: Symmetry Optum –Episode Treatment Groups (ETGS), Episode Risk Groups (ERGS), Evidence Based Medicine (EBM Connect) and 3M Clinical Risk Groups (CRGS) and Patient Focused Episodes (PFEs).