Aligning Process, People, and Technology to Facilitate the Speed of Change
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When are Workshops Most Beneficial?

Some work challenges do not require facilitated workshops to produce results. When your challenge is small, simple, and contained to a specific business area – facilitated workshops may not add significantly to the quality of results.

However, when you are faced with large or complex challenges that cross business areas, expert facilitated group workshops add significant value. Facilitated works sessions improve quality of outputs and can accelerate the timeframe for decisioning and building of critical outputs. In addition, the group buy-in achieved leads to ownership of the final product, and can accelerate implementation and stabilization of change.

Capers Jones, in his classic 2000 study of assessments, benchmarks, and best practices, found that applying facilitated group work approaches are significant in achieving change. Whether starting small or starting big, getting results by applying facilitative and collaborative techniques:

  • Reduced the risk of scope creep from 80% down to 10%
  • Accelerated early project lifecycle phases (Scope Initiation, Planning, and Definition) by 30—40%
  • Reduced the overall delivery elapsed time and workforce effort by 5—15%

    We have experienced significant reductions (30% and greater) in product / service deliverable completion time. Additionally, we have seen Improved intangible benefits such as:

  • Early ownership of decisions and results
  • Improved quality of outputs
  • Enhanced working relationships
  • Understanding of the rationale which supports shared change
  • Reinforced awareness of process, people and technology alignment