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Collaborative Project Planning and Review

Brief Overview:
This course provides techniques for facilitating a team to build a project timeline and associated plan based on deliverables and associated tasks. This collaborative approach also incorporates a the use of Work-In-Progress Work Sessions which enable Project Managers to evaluate deliverable progress at critical project checkpoints. They are a valuable point of collaboration to identify interdependencies and unearth issues which may affect the project’s success.

Course Objectives:
Participants will obtain:

  • An understanding of the concepts of deliverable-based project planning
  • Facilitation techniques for collaborative project planning
  • Practice facilitating a group to build a project plan and timeline
  • An understanding of Work-in-Progress Reviews, their purpose, benefits and structure
  • Sample agendas for these collaborative work sessions


2 Days


  • Project Managers
  • Facilitators
  • Project Leads